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The Cost of Discipleship

This three-week class provides a biblical overview of discipleship and is designed to help believers discern to what extent they are willing and ready to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. The Cost of Discipleship class is required before beginning Life on Life Discipleship.


Ministry Tools
and Training

This intermediate level is taught in a classroom of students that have successfully completed Personal Discipleship. The purpose of this two-year curriculum is to provide key tools and training to equip the disciple to effectively minister the word of God within the local church.


Personal Discipleship

Discipleship is a mentoring relationship by which a believer is conformed into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through time spent together in God’s word, the disciples learn to know and live God’s will for their life. This ministry is the heartbeat of our church! 


Living Faith
Bible Institute

The Living Faith Bible Institute is a Bible school for those desiring to be equipped for leadership within the church, or in preparation for the mission. It is a serious course of study that challenges the student to learn to love the Word of God and use it powerfully and selflessly as servant leaders within God’s kingdom.

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